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Comprehensive Training and Exclusive Workout Styles
No beach bums here! Gleason's Gym New Jersey offers some exclusive programs developed by award-winning coaches, group formats accommodating different ages, goals and health issues, in addition to 1-on-1 training.

Gleason's Gym Jersey Shore Programs In Depth
JabX “Jackie Atkins Boxing XTREME”:
Exclusive program to Gleason's. 1 hour adult training class combining kickboxing, boxing, cardio, strength training. Just say hard core conditioning with a beat! High energy, high powered
and pumped for your training pleasure. All levels are welcome.
Capoiera @ Gleasons

Imagine Zumba for warriors. Capoeira is an African-Brazilian Martial Art style that mixes dance, gymnastics and combat strikes in a style that's as beautiful as it is deadly. Learn more at by visiting Well Rising Sun
Group Xtensity

1 hour adult boot camp style cross conditioning class focused on all out Xtensity aka cross training intense... Intense calisthenics, intense core, intense challenges balanced with intense stretching. All levels are welcome. 

6 a.m. SUNRISE Sessions

Early morning small group training session for those wishing to get in the serious hard work before the break of dawn! Always challenging and always changing. We bring out all the tricks when the sunrises.  Combining weights, battling ropes, wheels, ropes with high energy heavy bag drills. An awesome way to start your day! Endorphin approved. 

Youth Programs

Wee warriors children ages 7-11 years old engage in 45 minutes of instructor led training

Youth Warriors youth ages 11-15 years old engage in 60 minutes of instructor led training 

Dream Team Teen’s ages 14 -18 years old engage in 75 minutes of instructor led & open training 

Punch Out Parkinson's

The POP program is designed for our clients taking on the fight against Parkinson’s disease by embracing the craft and technique known as “the sweet science”. POP is our boxing inspired fitness regimen known to improve agility and daily functioning through use of explosive, intense and high powered boxing workouts. Proven to have amazing results for our PD clients while delaying or even reversing symptoms.

Customized Private Instruction Available Contact Us for Rates, Schedules and Information 
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