Trainers with Range, Boxing with Heart.
Ideal for those wanting to close out a workday focused on themselves, Gleason's Gym Jersey Shore offers group classes in the evenings with a smorgasbord of coaches with different styles and temperaments. 
Great workout! Great Coaches! Love the friendly atmosphere! Not only do you leave sweating but you are filled with love respect and a sense of family.
Jade Caniero

This gym has the absolute best coaches for whatever your workout desire is.

Robert Polan

This place has a great teamwork atmosphere. The coaches are passionate about boxing and it shows in the way they encourage and train their students. Great people!

Megan Messer-Richmond
Meet Some of Our Coaches
Every coach has a distinct approach and specialty designed to bring the best out of you. -- whoever you are
Calm, Cool Collected
Coach Kevin Russell was a literal drill sergeant, and yet never barks an order. Instead, he quietly draws forth the best of those under his tutelage and care.  
Lightning in a Bottle
Jackyln Atkins has created women's boxing programs from scratch - and made champions in the process, all while breaking ground as a leading professional at AT&T.  Being caught in the wake of her energy will make a champion out of you.
The Sweet Science Is His Art
Doubling between his dual loves of ballet and boxing -- the two are more similar than you think -- Mark Roxey trains amateur fighters and the public with a dancer's precision and a fighter.'s soulfulness.
Solid as a Rock
Focused primarily on training  amateur and professional fighters, coach Rahn Carter has made champions out of groups as disparate as rehabilitation program members, New Jersey's boxing team, to helping young women break ground as champions in their division.
Punch Out Parkinson’s

POP is our boxing inspired fitness regimen known to improve agility and daily functioning through use
of explosive, intense and high powered boxing workouts. Proven to have amazing results for our PD
clients while delaying or even reversing symptoms.

Robust Youth Boxing Program 

Our youth boxing programs are instructor led sessions focused on building the foundation and learning
the techniques of Amateur Olympic style boxing. 

Wee warriors: children ages 7-11 years old engage in 45 minutes of instructor led training
Youth Warriors: youth ages 11-15 years old engage in 60 minutes of instructor led training
Dream Team: Teen’s ages 14 -18 years old engage in 75 minutes of instructor led open training
BoXfit Cross training

Group training class for our clients interested in improving stamina and
strength in one fierce hour workout combining boxing, resistance training and cardio intervals.

Exclusive Program: JabX XTREME

One-hour adult training class combining kickboxing, boxing, cardio, strength training. Just say hard-core conditioning with a beat! High energy, high powered and pumped for your training pleasure. All levels are welcome.

Group Xtensity

One-hour adult boot camp style cross conditioning class focused on all out Xtensity aka cross training intense... Intense calisthenics, intense core, intense challenges balanced with intense stretching. All levels are welcome.

6 a.m. SUNRISE Sessions

Early morning small group training session for those wishing to get
in the serious hard work before the break of dawn! Always challenging and always changing. Endorphin approved. 

Classes 6 pm or 6 AM Daily. Contact Us for Rates and Schedule. 
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